4 Reasons to Fit Your Bathroom with In-Ceiling Speakers

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Whether you like to make the most of singing in the shower, catch up on your favourite podcast while shaving or simply enjoy some relaxing tunes as you sink into a nice, hot bath, having the ability to play them from speakers within your bathroom is a fantastic luxury of the modern world. For most people, that means taking their phones and/or a Bluetooth speaker into the bathroom with them, but it's a far better option to install in-ceiling speakers instead.

Here are just four reasons why you should make the switch.

1. Keeps Your Phone and Speakers Safe

Smartphones are great, but there's always a chance that yours is going to be ruined by an accidental dip in the bath or even from a quick spray of water—the same can be said for many speakers. That means you can find yourself seriously damaging a very expensive device just because of a few seconds of carelessness. It's hard to remain truly relaxed when you're always on edge about breaking your phone. With in-ceiling speakers, your devices won't be at risk. Instead, you can depend on in-ceiling speakers to resist moisture and humidity.

2. In-Ceiling Speakers Work Great With Smart Homes

All you need to do is have a voice-recognition device within a few meters of your bathroom's in-ceiling speakers and you'll be able to make voice commands for whatever you want. You can also do anything from setting reminders to hearing your emails or the day's schedule. And if your bathroom speakers are part of a home-wide smart system, you can have the audio follow you in and out of the bathroom.  

3. No Need to Worry About Batteries

If you're the sort of person who likes listening to things while in the bathroom, you've probably been confronted by battery concerns. You can't charge a phone or even a speaker easily in a bathroom since there are very few outlets, so it can become quite annoying when you're ready for your bath and yet your phone or speakers are only at 5%. That's never going to be a problem with in-ceiling speakers.

4. Immersive Sound

While all these conveniences are great, the most compelling reason to install bathroom ceiling speakers is the sound quality. The speakers can be placed to ensure great sound dispersal and high fidelity. Better yet, having the speakers in the ceiling makes everything feel more immersive, and you even have the option of fitting several speakers in the ceiling and in the walls to create a true surround sound experience.

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