Tips for Making Your Custom Kitchen Easy to Use

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When designing a new custom kitchen, of course, you'll want to choose your favourite materials, colours and textures to make it beautiful. But don't forget about its utility. Because the kitchen is used every day for cooking, it needs to be convenient. Consider the following tips to make your space easier to use.


Every time you prepare food, you retrieve cutlery, crockery and food items from cupboards, shelves and drawers. You can make life easier by making such storage easy to access. Traditional cabinets with a halfway-shelf may compel you at times to get down on your knees and to scrounge around the back. To avoid this scenario, install drawers in varying depths. You'll be able to pull out a drawer that's organised with different tinned, baking or other items and be able to see everything spread out at a glance. Not only will this make daily life more convenient, but you'll use food more efficiently as it won't go unseen and forgotten for weeks. Pull out drawers can store pots and pans, mugs, and everything else. Make sure to put appropriate items in the right depth drawer to not waste vertical space.

Kitchen Triangle

When cooking breakfast or dinner, you need to walk around the space to components like the sink, refrigerator and oven. The relationship between these major elements is called the kitchen triangle. They should be situated conveniently to improve workflow. If these appliances and the sink are right beside each other, then the kitchen could get crowded and unworkable if more than one person is cooking — you could experience a log jam. But these major work stations need to be close enough so that if one person is cooking, they can quickly get around the kitchen without walking a marathon every day. Just imagine if the sink is at one end of the room and the fridge at the other. Consider how much extra walking would that entail over a day.


Lighting is crucial not only for creating a welcoming vibe in custom kitchens but also for seeing when preparing food. You could install under cabinet lights to keep the counter areas well lit. Don't rely on one central ceiling globe, which will leave different regions of the kitchen in shadow. Soft, consistent lighting can be created with multiple recessed lights connected to separate switches to provide control so that you can adjust the lighting to your needs.

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