Is a Pedestal Bath Better Than a Clawfoot Tub?

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A remodel is the perfect time to upgrade your bathroom's fixtures to give the room a new look. As part of this process, you may have decided to change your style of bathtub and to switch to a freestanding model.

While you initially imagined that you'd go with a clawfoot tub, you've also seen pedestal baths that you like. Like clawfoot tubs, these baths are freestanding; however, they have a pedestal base rather than feet.

Why choose a pedestal tub over a clawfoot model?

No-Hassle Cleaning

If you install a clawfoot bath, then you may have more cleaning on your hands than you anticipated. While cleaning the inside of the tub is straightforward, you have more work to do to keep the outside clean.

Clawfoot baths have a gap underneath them between the floor and the base of the tub itself. This area can collect dust and will need regular cleaning. However, this space isn't always easy to access and clean effectively.

Also, the legs on the bath need cleaning as well as the space under it. If you opt for ornately-designed feet, then this can take more work than a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth. Carved legs easily become home to dust and dirt particles.

A pedestal bath is a lot easier to keep clean. The pedestal base that sits on the floor is part of the tub, so you don't have any space under the bath or feet to worry about. All you have to do to clean this style of tub is to wipe all around the bath and the base.

Less Floor Damage

Freestanding baths can shift as they use them. So, for example, when you get in the tub, it may move a little as it takes your weight. This isn't a problem in itself. After all, the bath won't move an alarming distance. However, these tiny shifts can be bad for your flooring.

The legs on clawfoot tubs have to bear the weight of the bath and the person in it. This weight and small movements can make the feet put pressure on the floor they stand on. The legs could scratch or tear your floor over time.

Pedestal baths don't have these effects. The pedestal bears weight evenly all around the bath, and there are no legs to cause damage.

To find out more about installing a pedestal bath, talk to your bathroom renovations contractor.