Storage Solutions For A Modern Kitchen

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More convenient storage is always in high demand. If you're having new kitchen cabinetry built, here are several handy ways of getting the most out of the available space:

Making Use Of Corner Areas: Lazy Susans

Corner cabinet areas are notoriously difficult to reach. One solution that has been around for a while is a lazy susan. These systems usually have two circular shelves that rotate around a central axis. Because a quarter of the circular shelves are cut out, this allows it to sit behind two right-angled corner cabinet doors. The circular shelves can be constructed from wire, particleboard, plastic or a range of other materials. These setups allow for easy access to items in the back corner, as you can just swing the shelves around. 

Additional Corner Storage Solutions

Other options to make use of corner space include corner drawers, which make even back corner areas very accessible once they're pulled out. These are right-angled drawer units that can be constructed with different depth drawers. Deep drawers can provide space for large items such as saucepans, while more shallow drawers are perfect for housing less bulky items. This solution needs a lot of planning, as ample clearance is required for opening; as a result, these units are usually best when you're having all the cabinet joinery work done, as retrofitting just this one unit can be difficult.

Further corner pull-out systems include shelves -- made from wire, for example -- that are attached to a cabinet door. Once you pull the door out, the shelving slides out with it to provide access to items at the very back.

Making The Best Use Of Other Space

Pull-out shelving is also popular for other spaces, not just corners. Pull-out wire basket pantry units eliminate the need to bend down and reach into lower cabinets. These systems can be narrow to make use of every kitchen nook, or broad and deep for big items. Many are constructed with soft-close technology, so doors shut quietly and fully with just a partial push. 

Rubbish Bins And Cutting Boards

To streamline your kitchen, you could also consider storage units with integrated bins, which you can quickly shut out of sight. Other possibilities are drawers that pull out a cutting board, providing you with extra bench space that can be closed away after you've finished preparing food. Drawers, in general, make great storage because you don't have a lot of wasted air space like you would in a cabinet with just two shelves. Different depth drawers that are designed for a range of items make the best use of the available area.

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