Choosing Wooden Kitchen Cabinets: What to Consider

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Kitchen cabinets come in a range of materials: laminates, stainless steel, and wood. Wood is however the most sought after material for kitchen cabinets. The material is revered by many homeowners because of the many benefits it offers in terms of durability, look, and feel. Therefore, if you have a kitchen remodelling project involving your cabinets, you may want to choose wooden cabinets. However, this may not be easy because there are multiple types of wooden cabinets. To find one that will give you the highest value for your money, here are key things you should have in mind before making your decision.

The Type of Wood

You can choose either a hardwood or softwood material for your kitchen cabinet. Typically, hardwoods are stronger than their softwood counterparts. In addition, they tend to have a variety of grain patterns, colours, and textures, making it easier to match different styles. However, hardwoods, especially the exotic types, can be quite expensive, which means they may not be the best option if you are on a budget or if you are less concerned about accent. Hickory, maple, and oak are some hardwood types you will find.

Softwoods, on the other hand, are often cheaper than their hardwood counterparts. Pine could be the only softwood you will find used on kitchen cabinetry. With its somewhat reddish or yellowish tone, one benefit you stand to gain when using the material is the ease of staining. Unfortunately, your pine kitchen cabinets may not be as strong to withstand impact.

The Texture

The texture of the wood will determine the feel of your kitchen cabinet. Even with equal smoothing and sanding operations used in making the cabinets, different types of woods will feel relatively smoother than others. You can choose coarse-textured or fine-textured wooden cabinets. The coarse-textured will feel soft and rough while their fine-textured will be somewhat smooth and glassy. Oaks are examples of coarse textured wood species. For a fine-textured option, choose pine.

The Finish

Besides giving your cabinets an elegant look and increasing their resistance to moisture, finishes will help protect the wood from things such as bacteria infestation. Finishes come in a range of options. You can choose highlighted finishes if you wish your cabinets to retain their natural wood grains and patterns. Such finishes often add depth to wood's colour without affecting the base stain. However, if you would like colour variations, go for painted finishes.