Render Your Concrete Floor with These Floor Screed Alternatives

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When it comes to rendering the floors in your house or commercial building, you must equip them with the right finish for good looks and functionality. Besides looking good, the floor must be able to stand up to the abrasion caused by the pedestrian traffic walking on it regularly. Screeding your floor is a good way to achieve this. Floor screeds provide a smooth, perfectly level finish to allow you to use other floor coatings, such as paints and oils. Screeding comes with a host of benefits, such as reducing the risk of floor shrinkage and inhabitation by bacteria. Here are some of the floor screed alternatives you can use when finishing your building's floor:

Epoxy Resin Screeds

Epoxy resin screeds are a good, heavy-duty screeding option that you can go for. They provide a hard surface that stands up well to physical wear. Ideally, epoxy resin screeds are best suited for wet areas and sections where there is a likelihood of chemical abrasion to the materials used on the floor. A good example is your kitchen where the combination of steam and chemicals like vinegar used in food preparation can easily find their way to the floor, causing abrasion. The epoxy resins are chemically inert and keep the surface of the floor safe from abrasion.

Polyurethane Screeds

Polyurethane screeds improve the strength and durability of cement floors. They enhance perfect floor levelling for both flat and gradient surfaces. Notably, polyurethane screeds have a high capacity to bond with other materials, such as cement, which enables you to finish them off using a seamless resin to enhance their functionality. After they have been laid in place, polyurethane screeds are thick and offer resistance to heat, abrasion, and attack by chemical agents.

Resin Floor Coatings

Resin floor coatings comprise several layers of polyurethane. The multiple layers seal the floor properly as they overlap over cracks and fissures in the concrete surface. A great benefit of the resin floor coating is that you can choose them based on an immediate flooring need. These needs range from a seamless floor surface, resistance to infestation by microorganisms like bacteria, textured surfaces for aesthetic appeal or better grip and impact resistance. Generally, the multiple layers give resin floor coating the ability to bear loads and stand up to heavy machinery or equipment moving over them. This makes them an ideal choice for places like garages.