What to Consider Before Installing Tiles in Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is a section of the home that can have diverse types of tiles, and installed in different applications, yet they will still enhance the beauty of your kitchen. However, before deciding to install any tiles, you need to choose the right application. Here are some tips that will help you get it right.

Where Will the Tiles Be Placed? 

This is the first question that should come into your mind. Making a decision on where the tiles are going to be placed will help in narrowing down the material and size. Is the tile going to be used for the floor, counter, walls, or for a backsplash? In most cases, porcelain, ceramic, and stone are used for floors and counters. Glass is used for backsplashes and walls.

Choose a Tile That Can Withstand Your Family's Habits and Lifestyle

Apart from being resilient in nature, kitchen tiles still need proper up-keep and every material has a different longevity. Ceramic tile is ideal for countertops because of its durable nature, and is easy to maintain and clean.

Before choosing floor tile, ensure you go for an option that is durable and can withstand cleaning supplies, heavy traffic, foods and pets. It is important to strictly go for tiles that are labeled as "floor tile". It you go for wall tile, it could be very slippery for walking. For a safer kitchen floor, go for one that has a raised texture, or pattern, like limestone and clay based tiles. Quarry tile can be used if you want an elegant and more refined look.

It is important to determine if the lifestyle of your family matches what you choose.

Understand the Rules of Colour

It is obvious that only you can decide the colour that is right for your kitchen. However, it is crucial to observe these rules:

Most people think that tiles are identical from one piece to another. On the contrary, every tile has a shade and colour variation that gives it an overall character, depth and look. You need to lay out some pieces to understand the design you choose is the perfect one for your kitchen. In case of concerns or questions about your stone selection or tile, get clarification from a professional before installation.