Laundry renovations for big families

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Laundry renovations can sometimes be the poor cousins of wet area renovations, getting much less attention and budget than the kitchen and bathroom renovations. However, if you have a young family, or household members who work in heavy trades you'll probably spend a lot of time in the room. Here are some renovation ideas that can improve your attitude towards the laundry.

Sorting space

If you are regularly doing laundry for a number of household members, the kitchen table can often double as a clothes sorting and folding area when you have a cramped laundry. If you would prefer not be regularly sorting the family underwear in the kitchen, a laundry with folding table space can let you get this out of the way in situ and get those clean clothes straight back in the drawers where they belong. Even better, you can make sure the bench is at waist level so the job is as back-friendly as possible.

Noise insulation

Washing machine and driers can be annoyingly noisy. If your laundry backs onto a living area, the noise can stop you from putting the appliances on while the area is being used. With a laundry renovation you can get some extra insulation placed on shared walls so you can keep the washer and drier running whenever you need and avoid running out of socks because you had dinner guests the night before.

Soak tubs

The best laid plans can always go astray, so room for tubs where you can leave clothes to soak can also be a lifesaver. This can make the job of stain removal seem less arduous, when you also have time on your side.

Air flow

Laundries can get very hot and steamy, particularly when the drier is running frequently. This can be a handy thing if you need to steam clothes but can make the laundry an unpleasant space to linger if you need to do piles of ironing or simply to clean the area. Making sure that you can open the area and get a good airflow through can make the space much more comfortable for those times you need to linger. '

If you are tired of viewing the laundry as a grueling and unpleasant task, changing the venue by doing a laundry renovation might be just the thing to give you a new perspective. Why not review your laundry renovation options with a remodeling contractor today?