Affordable Bathroom Renovations

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Bathrooms that remain unattended to over a long time are usually disgusting and potential health hazards. Dirty tiles, mould damages, bad grouting, leaking pipes and taps, bad usage of bathroom space and damaged towel rails are some of the most common disgusting features of a bathroom in dire need of renovation. Fortunately, bathroom renovation need not be expensive. In this article, you will get tips that will help you save money with affordable bathroom renovations.

Be Clear on What You Want to Change in Your Bathroom

The guiding principle here is that the more issues you want to fix, the more expensive the bathroom renovation is likely to be. When operating on a tight budget, you can still renovate your bathroom by just making minor changes. You can fix a new mirror in your bathroom, replace taps and their handles, repaint the walls and change your towel rails. This will greatly improve your bathroom, and better still, you can do all this on your own.

Replacing your bathroom tiles can be a lot more expensive. However, you can directly put overlays on your old tiles and improve your bathroom appearance. This will greatly cut the cost of labour needed to remove the existing tiles and replacing them with new ones.

If the existing fittings are still nice, you can save money by resisting the urge to buy new ones. Retouching will do quite nicely in this circumstance. You can also consider using your creativity to change the style or theme of your bathroom. If you finally settle for new fittings, you can sell the old ones to recover some of the money spent on the new ones.

Do Some Bathroom Renovation Tasks on Your Own

You can save a lot on labour costs when you do some of the bathroom renovation tasks yourself. You will likely still have to contract professionals for renovations that require skill, but chipping in for manual tasks will save you money if the contractor is okay with such an arrangement. You can volunteer in demolishing the tiles, pulling off the taps and other tasks that need no particular skills.

Go for Affordable Contractors and Equipment

Doing background checks and comparing contractor charges will go a long way in making sure that you are contracting affordable but professional bathroom renovations. Compare the prices of equipment from a number of vendors in your locality. Renovators from further away may require additional costs due to logistics and transportation of products.