Adding a touch of whimsy to your house with fantastic renovations

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Many people are enamoured by the quirky designs seen in fantasy movies such as Harry Potter, with hidden passageways and secret doors. These whimsical features can be added to many homes and can help your house to feel more unique. 

Here are some ideas to consider adding in a home renovation. 

A vault hidden by a mirror or picture

Hidden vaults are a mainstay of many detective mysteries, but they can also be a great way to add some extra security to your home. By using an item such as a mirror, it can be hard for would-be thieves to locate your safe since it is not in plain sight. A mirror is also a more aesthetic choice than a bare safe in many cases and can help your bedroom or living areas to feel natural and homely rather than have it look like a security facility. There is always some added fun when you can swing the mirror or picture frame to reveal the safe behind as well. 

A hidden room

If you have a large house with oddly shaped rooms, you can often create a small 'hidden' room by using a false wall. This is a great way to add extra storage as well as being a great place to hide during hide and seek! For extra whimsy try concealing the door behind a bookcase or other piece of furniture so only the people who live in the home know how to access it. A space under the stairs can be another good place to add some extra room for a 'Harry Potter' vibe. 

Hidden passageways or doors

If you are renovating an older house, you may not have the option of organising the house layout in exactly the way that you might want. A fun way to get around this can be having a secret passageway or doors. For example, you might have two bedrooms separated by a study, and choose to create a passageway at the back of the study to connect the two bedrooms. While you might have to concede some space to the passageway it can be a fun way to connect kids' bedrooms to a parents rooms, or have the children's rooms connected so that they can make secret visits to each other. You can even conceal the entrance in the back of a built in wardrobe to have your own 'Narnia' adventures. 

If you are looking to add some whimsy to your house with fantasy renovations, why not talk to a custom home renovator to see what might be possible.